Parking Cones


Areas of Usage and Features

Parking Cones are frequently preferred by shopkeepers to prevent others from parking their cars in front of the stores and they are used for advertisement purposes as well. To get this product manufactured within the organization of our company, you may visit us or use our e-mail address to place this order and, take delivery thereof in person or through cargo respectively.

Gönder Bayrak has made it possible to manufacture, by means of digital printing technique, all types of flags, desk flags, beach flags, fishhook flags, sail flags, office flags, Turkish flags, country flags, pennants, ornament flags, pennants stringed on a thread, flags with rod, team flags, political party flags and all other similar flags. We make use of our great knowledge about digital printing so that our customers could easily get these flag products in any color of their choice and use the same safely and reliably.

40x70cm of Advertisement Area, Ground Clearance: 95cm.

50x90cm of Advertisement Area, Ground Clearance: 130cm.

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