Turkish Flag


Areas of Usage and Features

All Sizes of our Turkish Flag, Most Important Pride of our Country and, Single Symbol of National Will, and Types of Turkish Flags Made of First Quality Alpaca, Raschel Fabrics Are Always Available in our Company and, You Can Find Them at Any Time. We Assure that You Are Able to Get Any Size of All Country Flags on such Day and at such Time of Your Choice or Ask for the Production Thereof, which is the most important thing on which we place great emphasis about Country Flags. You May Ask for the Production of Country Flags of your Choice at any time you may want making use of our services for Digital Printing.

They are made on double and single sides using raschel, alpaca and satin as fabrics.

Standard Mast Sizes and Standard Flag Sizes to Raise According to the Mast Sizes:

70x105 cm for Masts between 4-5 Meters in Height

100x150 cm for Masts between 5-7 Meters in Height

150x225 cm for Masts between 7-10 Meters in Height

200x300 cm for Masts between 10-12 Meters in Height

300x450 cm for Masts between 12-15 Meters in Height

400x600 cm for Masts between 15-17 Meters in Height

500x750 cm for Masts between 17-20 Meters in Height

600x900 cm for Masts between 20-25 Meters in Height

800x1200 cm for Masts between 25-30 Meters in Height

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